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  1. So sorry to hear of her passing. Our ranks are getting smaller and smaller. Spoke to Celeste a few days ago and she sounded a little better.

  2. Thanks for your note, Happy. Nice that you remember that. Every once in a while so find myself singing “We sophs
    whistle while we work… You seem happy! Hope you and your family stay

  3. Good to hear from you Donna. Still remember the paint that glowed in the dark that your Dad gave us for the “Sophomore SeaSplash. Hear regularly from Marie Gerne Stanton. Joanie Fox Stewart and write to Celeste Lucchini. Betty Lou Manahan Poll is in Vero Beach

  4. Don’t know why my last comment disappeared; maybe too long?
    I’ve moved to a 3stage retirement home in Chicago and am doing OK in independent living. Bernie Cocchia Truglio is doing fine. Sends lots of positive emails.
    Many prayers for everyone affected by Covid. Donns

  5. This is a great idea! Where to begin…I’ve stayed in touch with Bernie Cocchia Truglio and less frequently with Kathy Stevenson Martineau and Mary McCaffrey Costantine.
    Think they are both OK. I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulties some of our class mates have had or are having; prayers for all!

    I pick up our edition of the Parapet every once in awhile and can remember each member !of our class. What a different world it was, but I’m so glad we had it.
    I’ve recently moved into a three stage re-tirement home in Chicago in an area that I taught in many years ago. Am lucky enough to be in Independent living.
    Love, thanks, and best wishes to all!

  6. Happy so happy to hear from you. Actually Rylande is our great granddaughter. Joan Noonan also suffering from Alzheimer’s. Miss our N.Y. kids and grands. Sally is in assisted living in Schenectady area. Please God this nightmare will end soon. Our beautiful New York City undersiege. Lord bless the NYPD

  7. So sorry to hear of Sally’s husbands death. Been in touch with Marie Gerne Stanton after Ann Mackin Harkin’s death from COVID 19. Celeste Lucchini in touch as she encounters Alzheimer’s disease. Please keep her in your prayers. Joan Fox Stewart still in same town and Betty Lou manahan Polk in Vero Beach.

  8. Hi Stan and I quarantined here in Palm Desert. Go to pool everyday, friends, enjoy our newest granddaughter Rylande,and our son Robert’s home in Palos Verdes Estates. Classmate Anna Kuo lives around the corner! In touch with Joan Woods, Peg Henshaw, Joan Noonan Ervin and Sally Doran Downing whose husband recently died.

  9. Hi Anita-

    We are happy to hear that you have stayed safe and healthy during this time. We have Ann in our thoughts and prayers. We appreciate you sharing that information.

    Well wishes from the Office of Alumnae/i Relations and Giving!

  10. So happy to let you know i am well and able to deal with this “stay at home” – although reluctantly – Grateful
    for all I have. Sorry to hear about Ann. Hope everyone
    has been spared the virus for now.
    I saw an article in Vision magazine about Sr Miriam Anne
    She is 100 years old this month. i am sure many of you remember her on St Gerard’s & later in charge of Ob/Gyn
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  11. I am blessed to be “sheltering in place” right here on Lake Ontario. Spring has arrived and everything is in bloom. While I have my family with me, I grieve for those who have so little. Looking forward to visiting with family and friends. Keep Ann Mackin Harkins in you prayers. She has had a stroke and was in a Nursing Home. She contracted the virus, was hospitalized but didn’t need intubation. She is now back to the Nursing Home under quarantine.

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