6 thoughts on “Class of 1956

  1. Glad to see you’ve stayed involved this whole time! Even if you won’t be attending future reunions, we hope you continue to keep up with all the great things happening at the Mount and engaging with your classmates! Hopefully, this portal will help 🙂 Stay well and healthy!

  2. I attended all Reunions through the 55th in 2011……I did NOT attend the 60th, and not likely to attend any more reunions.

  3. I do not have a living sister. I am the youngest of 6, the only one still living. Anne

  4. Great Group of “56ers”, keeping active for the watchers from a distance. Thank you for that.
    Nice that it includes one of our Saints, Gail Kelley, watching over us.
    Anne Melly Doherty

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