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  1. Hi Ellen, Karen and Daniela
    Although I am writing months later, the pandemic is still driving the conversation. We have just started to open up in Canada with Toronto, my home, one of the last. I only pray we are slower and safer than the experience in the USA.
    Enforced isolation has certainly provided time for reflection and self examination — and new learning. I am proud to say that I graduated from grade 3 Google Classroom with my grandson, Casper. Our daily remote learning — he lives about 2 hours away in Waterloo and I live in downtown Toronto — was interesting to say the least. The French classes were the best — a great improvement to my daily Duolingo French with the computer voice. I had lots of time to look at old photos and wonder about past decisions that really form the future. I wonder if at 21 years old, I had any idea what the implications would be fifty years later.
    Ellen, many thanks for your wonderful work on the reunion. I enjoyed every minute and hope to return. When Canada opens the border. Pat Lewis

  2. Hi Daniela and Karen,

    It was great seeing you at reunion but in the madness of the event, i felt like I was in a whirlwind and didn’t catch up the way I wanted. I was also a little preoccupied.

    I’m just getting back to regular life. I was to have neck surgery several weeks after reunion so I was anxious. Never had surgery. The surgery got postponed because of emergency dental surgery and finally had it 2/3. Started PT and OT this past week and will do my first test drive around the neighborhood this weekend.

    Karen, our Thursday night zoom get together was enlightening. We all share a sense of isolation during this pandemic, especially those with parents, children and grandchildren. Not to be able to embrace is tough. But there was a lot of resilience shared as well.

    Colette filled us in on the Mount’s situation at this time. It’s a challenge that requires imagination and perseverance. The College is thinking outside of the box with partnerships and alternative study.

    I would love to hear/read about you study of the Spanish influence during the revolutionary war(?). Is there a way you can share with us?

    Daniela, thank you for your sharing of what it is like to be so far from your love ones.

    Let’s reach out to friends and ask them to join the conversation and share interests and experiences.

    I can’t wait for the 55th reunion. I’m just showing up.

    Fondly, Ellen

  3. Hi Karen-

    We were thrilled to see you at Reunion and welcome you back to campus! Great to hear about all the great things you’re doing to stay busy. Hopefully, hugs with the grandchildren are on the horizon soon!

    Sending well wishes to Spain from the Office of Alumnae/i Relations and Giving!

  4. Hi Daniela,

    It was great seeing you on Friday via Zoom! We enjoyed hearing about what you have been up to during this crazy time.

    We hope to see you in person soon! Sending well wishes your way from the Office of Alumnae/i Relations and Giving!

  5. Hello classmates. Although I didn`t see anyone on zoom the other day (as Daniela commented), I was really happy to be present at our 50th reunion. It was a long trip all the way from Spain but I loved every minute. Here in Madrid we have similar – but stricter – lockdown measures as in N.Y. I haven’t been out of the house/garden in 8 weeks,. Now we are allowed to take a walk for an hour a day withing 1/2 mile of our homes. I keep busy with different activities, including patchwork, an on line course on Gothic Cathedrals and visiting all the sites that have opened up on the web to explore museumes, national parks, concerts, theatre… you name it and it’s there!. But I most miss hugging my grandchildren who live very near, but now…. so far. Hugs to all. Karen

  6. Hello friends, it was so nice to see a few of you on zoom last night. We all shared a little of our Corona Virus experiences. Some of us found the slower pace conducive to enjoying and appreciating the simple things around us. Some missed going to Church, especially at a time when we most need community…on line mass is good but not as good. We miss hugging our kids, grandkids and friends. Hoping all of you are staying safe and healthy.

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