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  1. Congratulations! I just bought a Kindle copy and am looking forward to reading it. Unfortunately I will be traveling during your Zoom event and won’t be able to join in. I’m in Manhattan too, by the way. Maybe we can get together for coffee and book talk!

  2. Eileen,

    I bought and read your novel Promises and enjoyed it very much. I did not know the history of the World War II English children’s evacuation program, so you enlightened me–in a compelling way. And, congratulations on receiving a literary excellence award for it! It is well deserved.

    Florence Hess

  3. I am planning to attend the reunion in October and hoping to see many of you there.

  4. Hi all-
    just saw these posts. Quick update, it’s been a while.
    Married in 1971.
    Graduated Stanford Business School 1976.
    Divorced in 1985.
    Two wonderful children Alison (41) and Adam (39)
    20 years in corporate life, 20 years in nonprofit.
    “Mostly retired” now, still do some nonprofit consulting.
    Been living in California since 1976.
    Have been blessed to be in close contact with my MSV roomie Lynne Tweedy Higgins all these years.
    Happy Holidays to all of you!

  5. Have you signed up for the virtual reunion on Oct. 16th? Just wondering who will be attending. Not sure what the format will be – lots of new things this year! I guess we never knew exactly what life-long learning really meant. Looking forward to connecting with everyone. My friends Joyce and Anita are signed up, too.

  6. Hi Helen, Thanks for your kind words about my book. It is amazing that so few people know about that British government program, especially since it existed from the 1800’s to 1968. Aside for wartime evacuations to all Brit colonies, it was also used to export orphaned and destitute children and further support loyalty to the Crown.

  7. Eileen, I enjoyed your book! I really enjoy historical fiction and liked the setting for your book. I had not realized that children were sent across the ocean during the war. How scary that must have been for them.
    Gerry, I recognize some of our classmates in the picture but not all. I was hoping someone would be able to identify them all. On the left in the black and white stripe is Kathleen Downey and next to her in the back, I think, is Joan Finnerin Foley. In the orange blouse is Vita Casesse(SP?). I guess I need to unearth the yearbook!
    I am still in touch with Anita Palmeri Kerr, Joyce Verdina Bridges and Esther O’Donovan DeRosa. We usually get together ar least once a year. Sue Deecken Davenport was also part of our group but sadly passed away last year. I was hoping to go to the reunion this year but I will have to see what the situation will be by then.

  8. I am very grateful for my experiences at CMSV. I am especially grateful for the friends from college that are still close friends today. I was hoping to reconnect with other Bio major friends for our 50th reunion but will not be traveling anytime soon. Now retired, my husband John and I live in Seattle.

  9. Hi Helen, You have a great memory. I was, indeed, an English major. In the years since the Mount, I’ve lived in six different states (seven if you want to count the Navajo Nation as a separate entity), and worked in advertising, publishing, owned two pubs, and taught in colleges in three different states. Last year, my debut historical fiction, PROMISES, was published by Waldorf Publishing. I’ve just finished my second historical novel and am shopping around for an agent. I finally returned to NYC, my hometown, last year. I’m currently living in Brooklyn, but looking for an apartment in Manhattan – back to my old stomping grounds. As you can tell by my name, I was married, but my husband died eight years ago. Sounds like you’ve had a full life. Sorry you can’t get to see your children, but “this too shall pass.” Stay well.

  10. Hi Eileen, I’m still trying to figure out how this site works! I don’t know if you remember me but I was a Math major at CMSV. After college, I became a computer programmer and worked at Western Electric until my first child was born. Life has certainly changed since then! If I remember correctly, I think you were an English major. Later on, I went for my teaching certificate and taught Kindergarten, First Grade and Fifth Grade until I retired.
    In this new reality, I am doing a lot more sewing, mainly these days making masks for family and friends! Our children all live far from us, so we miss traveling to see them and our 10 grandchildren.
    Hope this can be a forum for keeping in touch with our class!

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